7 seasons

Seven seasons guide us through our year. Seven phases of becoming and passing away. Seven phases that determine the what and the where of our actions, and in which we explore the richness of the landscapes around us.

Because what surrounds us is of extraordinary diversity: riverbanks and meadows, rivers and streams, orchards and pastures, fish ponds and primeval forests. The land in which we live and work enriches us. More than that, it defines our identity. Without its aromas and traditions, it would be unimaginable.

With great respect for our roots, we seek and collect, we build and create something new. We only process whole animals, we sow, plant, and harvest – always searching for the perfect timing.

Thus, every evening in etz expresses our heritage as well as the unique moment of its creation.


from January to March

Everything outside is in a deep sleep. But on our shelves and in our cellars, the fruits of the past year rest, mature, and ferment. Slowly and silently, they develop the wide spectrum of their aromas.

mostly in April

Timid awakening in the fields and meadows. Lush greenery is still scarce, but buds, sprouts, and early blooms already set the tone for us. With the spring water, life returns to the rivers and streams around us.

a phase in May

Chlorophyll is now the dominant theme - and draws us into our garden. In Knoblauchsland, there is plenty of fresh green to plant and harvest. Everything - leaves, blooms, trees - is now full of juice and power.

in June

The shadows are still getting shorter and the days longer. The summer sun is getting stronger, and with it, the first berry and stone fruit aromas come to us, full of freshness and acidity.

in July

Summer - bright light, opulent abundance, and overflowing fullness everywhere. It's harvest time. With even more sun, sweetness now finds its way into the fruits. The green of the fields is increasingly giving way to the golden yellow of ripening grains.

from August to September

The colorful finale of the growing year. In the orchards, the colors of ripe fruit now shine - yellow, orange, red in all imaginable shades. The days are getting noticeably shorter, and the meadows and fields are damp in the morning. First mushrooms herald the coming decay.

from October to December

Conclusion. From the cleared gardens and fields, we now move into the forests. We search for what the coolness and moisture bring. The time of mushrooms has begun. Not only in Steigerwald, but also pigs and game feast on acorns and other forest fruits. Meanwhile, we prepare for winter - drying, maturing, smoking, and preserving.