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An evening in the etz

18:00  A bite behind the scenes, tour into our test kitchen

18:15  Entry

18:25  Prolog and start of the menu

23:00 End of the menu

We offer a fixed menu in the evening. It starts at the same time for all guests.

Depending on the week, we will present you between 12 and 16 courses over a period of around 4 hours. Depending on your choice, either omnivorous - i.e. also with meat - or purely vegetarian.

Our cuisine is deeply rooted in the region where we live and work. It is based on the products that grow and are created here. We process many of them fresh on the same day and are therefore also heavily dependent on the weather conditions - which is why we cannot yet tell which elements will determine our menu in 4 weeks.

We have matured and cured other elements of the menu over the years. We accompany every item on the plate from the field to the moment it is in front of you.


Our reservations are prepaid. The etz is open Thursday to Saturday evening. 

Please contact us for reservations for more than 8 guests, event requests or if you have any problem with your reservation

If you have any questions or want to inquire for same day reservations you can call us Wednesday to Saturday afternoon +49-911-47712809.

You can cancel or change your reservation up to 24 hours 
earlier without any charge, afterwards we charge a fee of 50€ per guest.